8 Reasons Why Your Freezer May Be Leaking

Establish the source

The best way to resolve a problem with a leaking freezer is to start doing everything you can to establish the source. To do this, defrosting is the best path to take.  This is because defrosting it may in fact be the solution. Ice can cause blockages in so many small parts of the freezer that defrosting is often the simplest and easiest procedure. Defrosting is a good maintenance activity for your freezer anyway.

1. Ice maker

If you have defrosted and the problem has started again there could be an inherent problem elsewhere. The ice maker is one of the most common culprits for causing a rogue water leak. The ice maker has a valve located at the rear of the freezer. Check this valve for seepage. The lines in the ice maker may also be causing this problem. If you are unable to resolve a problem with the ice maker contact your local service and repair technician who will be able to advise you as to the next step to take.

2. Gaps in the seal and mould

A gap in the seal of the freezer can cause a whole array of problems. If you see mould forming along the seal or just inside or outside the door, this is where the problem most likely lies. Because cold air can escape, the temperature change in the freezer will cause ice to melt and water to form. Off course water takes the path of least resistance and will leak wherever it can escape. Replacing the gasket will resolve this problem immediately.

3. Freezer drain/hose – defrost

When the freezer drain goes on the fritz, it will cause water headaches that can be hard to identify. The freezer should not be draining unless it is in defrost mode. If you can see that the freezer is draining during normal functioning, you should call a professional. This is a sign that there is a greater problem and it should not be ignored.

4. Check the drip pan

When the fridge defrosts the water is routed to the drip pan. If the drip pan has filled up, then naturally it will overflow and leak if it has not been emptied. If the drip pan is continually filling up, even when you are not defrosting the fridge, this is another occasion on which to call for a technician to come and have a look. Empty the drip pan and monitor whether it fills up before you have run another defrost cycle.

5. Drain hose/coupler

The actual drain hose may come loose or detached. This is very possible in busy households where there is a lot of activity in the kitchen. Check both the hose and the coupler. If either of these have become cracked or have split, simply replace them and your fridge will be equipped for a longer lifespan.

6. Blockages is the drain line

The pipeline through which the freezer drains can easily become clogged with bits of food debris and grime that has been released during the defrosting process. Try to see if the drain line is working by testing it. Clean out the line by running water through it. If water does not come out the other end, then there is certainly a blockage and you will need to call a professional to make a replacement.

7. Frozen drain gutter

When the freezer has not defrosted for a while, a lot of ice can build up. Something as simple as build-up of ice and the drain gutter freezing over will cause the water to seek egress elsewhere. Defrosting the freezer should be an easy fix for this one. Do not try to hack away at ice attached to freezer components as you are more likely to harm than resolve the problem. Rather allow the ice to melt.

8. Temperature control/thermostat

If all else fails, it is quite possible that the thermostat is on its death bed and may need replacement. Thermostats don’t go quietly and may cause the freezer to be like the arctic winter one day and spring in the Sahara the next. Temperature control is erratic and will damage your food. The constant melting and refreezing of moisture will also cause substantial damage to other parts, so act quickly and get it looked at by a competent local repair technician.

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