What causes condensation in your fridge?

When your fridge starts producing quite a lot of condensation, you can be left with puddles of water sitting at the bottom of your fridge and, even worse, leaking out the bottom. This is not only an inconvenience but it can also be quite unhygienic as this standing water can get onto food too.

But not to worry, there is reason this happens and a way to solve it. At Repair Aid, we repair, install and service fridges, so we know a thing or two about leaky fridges and how to problem solve condensation issues. Here are the most common reasons for condensation in your fridge and what you can do to remedy this nuisance.

Does the seal need fixed?

broken seal

If hot air is entering into your fridge, then this is the likely cause of your condensation problem. This can happen as a result of a broken seal. While sometimes it’s the case that you’ll be able to see a broken seal, there are other times where a hard-to-spot rip, tear or bump will be the cause of the problem. This not only causes the cold air to get through these small gaps, but it allows the hot air to come in.

A quick test for checking to see if the seal is broke or damaged is to take a sheet of paper and wedge the door shut on the paper. If the seal is loose, damaged or broken, you’ll be able to remove the paper without opening the door. If the seal is good, the paper will remain firmly in place until you open the door again. A repair company, such as Repair Aid, can help repair your fridge.

Hot leftovers

An effective way to make your meals and money go further is to make batches of food that can provide you with meals for multiple nights. Or maybe you just have leftovers and want to store them away? Either way, hot food and leftovers may be the cause of the condensation – especially if you’re putting them in your fridge too fast. The warm air radiating from the food can cause damp and condensation as a result of the hot air.

While many fear the possibility of food poisoning and, as such, store their food quite fast – something reflected in a lot of online guides – it’s far more hygienic to let it cool slightly before putting it in the fridge. Bacteria only starts to grow when the food drops to room temperature and stays at that temperature for an hour or two. By leaving your food to cool for a little while, this not only keeps the risk of bacteria growth incredibly low, it will also stop condensation from forming in the fridge.

Drainage issues

Some people don’t realise that fridges have small drains. A fridge’s drain can get clogged by loose food which means that the standing water can’t get out. If you’re dealing with a mini-lake forming at the bottom of your fridge, see if you can spot if the drain is clogged. If nothing is apparent, or the debris is difficult to get to, you can always buy a small drain brush to help dislodge and clean the plug hole.

An alternative drainage issue is that your fridge or fridge-freezer isn’t sitting up correctly. When a fridge isn’t sitting properly, it may not be able to drain properly and, therefore, it causes a build-up of condensation.

Other causes

If there’s a problem with your fridge’s drip pan (which can happen over time) then this could be causing the condensation. Again, you’d need a repair service company to come in and correct this issue.

Another possible cause is if the temperature settings of your fridge are slightly off. It’s always worth checking for this one before you call in a contractor. If your fridge is sitting at 5 degrees Celsius or above, then you’re not only going to have a condensation problem, but a bacterial problem too.

Lastly, if a pool of water is the problem, then it could be that the defrosting mechanism has an issue. This will require a fridge repair specialist, such as Repair Aid, to come in and have a look.

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