Whirlpool Fresh Control Technology – Explained For You

Have you ever gone to the fridge only to find that the items inside of it have stopped being fresh? It’s annoying, especially when you’d planned to eat that group of vegetables today and you just forgot the dates.

Eating fresh and healthy food is often a challenge for people because it’s difficult to keep on top of when to eat things at the right time. However, we at Repair Aid think we’ve found a potential solution – the Fresh Control system designed by Whirlpool, so we’re going to be exploring it here and now.

Fresh Control  – The New Thing?

So, let’s take a bit of a look at this Fresh Control concept. It’s Whirlpool’s claim to fame as a provider of goods, and it’s a system which works in their fridge and freezer combo. It acts as a regulator of temperature and humidity, which might make most people stop and question how good it is.

‘Don’t all fridges and freezers do that’?

We hear your question and would like to offer up this as an answer. Yes, most fridges and freezers perform this task already, but Fresh Control does it better. There’s an inverter motor which works in tandem with their own ‘6TH SENSE‘ technology. It enables you to have access to real-time information and control about the temperature of your fridge and freezer and boasts that you can keep the items inside fresh for twice as long.

Imagine being able to react to variations inside the fridge or freezer with regards to temperature and moisture. You can, according to Whirpool make modifications to ensure that there’s an ideal environment for food to stay fresh.

whirlpool no frost

No Frost, No Fuss

From a freezer perspective, Whirlpool has taken a specialist approach. Their double fridge-freezer combination has two different cooling systems that work independently of each other. The aim was to make sure that there was no air from one going into the other, and it’s a pretty advanced way of maintaining temperature.

Their freezers also have an exciting NoFrost technology. They’ve created a system that can detect and react to temperature variations inside the fridge, specifically those changes that would create excess moisture. If you’ve ever taken a piece of meat out of the freezer and noticed it looks almost burned in places, that’s because of humidity. These tiny droplets of moisture collect on the food, freeze and form micro-fractures inside its outer layers.

No Frost, No Fuss, No Fresh Lost?

Finally, when you thought it couldn’t get any more impressive, they’ve come up with another idea and combined the previous two. Whirlpool’s systems also incorporate the Fresh no Frost system, which does a different task depending on whether we’re looking at the fridge or the freezer.

The fridge offers users a ‘6TH SENSE FreezeLock’ system that basically offers you a more precise temperature control along with technology to prevent ice and frost from building up. The FreshLock system also does its bit for the fridge by restoring the optimum temperature should you find yourself dealing with room temperature food or something that would alter the environment.

The freezer does get attention paid to it as well, with the FreezeLock system offering the chance to make minute adjustments to the temperature and moisture inside to prevent damage to food. There’s even provision for meat and fish to be precisely stored in a special compartment, so you’ve got the best possible experience from eating them when it finally comes to getting them out of the cold and into the oven.

Our Thoughts

Well, it’s certainly some impressive technology at work. You can see that a lot of time, effort and thought has gone into making these fridge-freezer combos the best they can be. Whirlpool has really tried here, and you can tell that there was no part of the process that was rushed. At Repair Aid, we work with a lot of different systems that have a fault here or a problem there, and a lot of the complaints we get concerning fridges and freezers is that they’re not keeping things cool properly. Naturally, this isn’t something that anyone wants to happen, and so the need to find a solution was apparent to bigger companies.

We’re pleased to see that Whirlpool has stepped up to the mark, and their endeavours will hopefully pave the way for other types of machines that perform at the same high levels. It’s an exciting technology for sure, and one that we know a lot of people will be interested in experimenting with and investing in. However, we suspect that we’ll be repairing them soon enough, so it’s been a great experience understanding how the technology works, and what it all does. It’ll help when we provide you with top tier repairs!

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