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CDA Appliance Repairs

CDA is a UK appliance company with a wide range of impressive appliances under its brand. This includes ovens, fridges, hobs, dishwashers, tumble dryers, cookers and even a range of more luxury appliances like washer-dryer hybrids, wine coolers, and extractors.

With so much to offer CDA is a very popular brand and is available in a number of big-name UK retailers. So, repair services for CDA appliances are always going to be in demand and at Repair Aid, we are the team to call. The Repair Aid team are well versed in all kinds of appliance repairs and we have an in-depth understanding of CDA appliances.

Even small issues with appliances can cause big problems and attempting to fix them yourself is not recommended, it will likely just result in more damage being done. So, instead call the Repair Aid team our experienced technicians and engineers will be able to provide professional assistance for any issue.

Why Choose Repair Aid?

We can answer the question above easily in five simple points, number one is that Repair Aid engineers are trained to the highest degree and have a wealth of experience with all kinds of appliance repairs. Secondly, we also work quickly and offer both same and next-day appointments for our customers.

Point number three is that we are so confident in our skills and engineers that we offer a guarantee with every repair we carry out. Next is that we can promise a fair price with no call out charges or hidden fees and finally we can also carry out the majority of repairs onsite.

At Repair Aid, we use our vans as mobile warehouses, so we carry an array of spare parts and components with us meaning we’ll have everything we need to carry out a professional repair job.

About CDA

CDA was founded in 1991 in Nottinghamshire, UK so compared to many manufacturers it is a relatively young appliance manufacturer. They quickly grew and expanded their product range to include a wide variety of appliances and have a focus on more contemporary designs.

Their flair for trendy designs and fashionable pieces have made CDA a popular manufacturer for people who are looking for a more luxury kitchen. CDA became part of the Polish Amica Group in 2015 who are another kitchen appliance manufacturer this as also made CDA appliances available in a number of other countries.

Common CDA Faults

CDA appliances are usually seen in more fancy luxury kitchens but while they might be high-quality that doesn’t mean they won’t ever suffer faults or errors. Plus, with so many different appliances under their brand, there are a lot of common errors you need to be aware of.

So, what errors do you need to know about? Well, overheating is an issue many appliances can fall victim to, as are motor errors and electrical faults. Dealing with these errors yourself is not recommended as it will likely just result in further damage, so instead call in the Repair Aid to help.

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