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When an appliance breaks down your first thought will likely be to just buy another won’t it? This might make sense after all if an appliance isn’t working correctly you will simply need to get a replacement, won’t you? Actually, many faults and errors can be corrected very easily with a professional repairman’s assistance.

But of course, actually finding a professional repairman isn’t always easy or at least it wasn’t! But now the Repair Aid team are ready to change that. At Repair Aid, we provide a wide range of appliance repair services from simple fault fixes to more complicated repairs and everything in between.

Rangemaster is just one of the many appliance manufacturers we can help you with, no matter the appliance or problem you can count on the Repair Aid team for a high-quality, professional repair service. So, if you need an appliance repairing just give us call today.

Why Choose Repair Aid

At Repair Aid, we offer a great array of benefits that simply can’t be matched! One of the best benefits of the Repair Aid team assisting you is that you will get a guarantee with every repair. No matter the age or condition of the appliance the guarantee is a standard with every repair we carry out.

The Repair team is also locally based which means we can get to you quickly, so you won’t be left waiting for long. We offer next-day appointments and even better same-day appointments! So, you won’t be left trying to come up with a quick patch-up solution for any faulty appliances.

Finally, another great perk of our repair service is that we carry an assortment of spare parts and components with us! Our vans are practically mobile warehouses, which means the majority of repairs we carry out will all be done onsite.

About Rangemaster

Rangemaster or to give them it its full name the AGA Rangemaster Group is an electronics manufacturer in the UK that was established in 1939. It started out in Warwickshire as a cast iron cooker and oven manufacturer, but their range of appliances greatly expanded over the years. This includes more niche appliances like wine coolers and freezer drawers.

Rangemaster is most well-known in the UK for their cookers and ovens and Whirlpool once tried to add them to their already vast portfolio in 2015. However, Rangemaster was instead bought by the Middleby Corporation for £129 million.

Common Rangemaster faults

Rangemaster appliances (especially their cookers and ovens) are quite expensive especially when you compare them to their more budget-friendly alternatives. However, they are certainly very luxurious and offer a great array of features and a very strong build.

That’s certainly good news but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean your appliance will never suffer a fault. Electrical issues like a wiring problem or faulty switch can harm any appliance no matter the brand so there is the potential for errors and faults even with more high-end appliances. But if your Rangemaster appliance isn’t working correctly don’t worry we can help!

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