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In our 15 years of servicing washing machines at Repair Aid, from the most expensive machines to the cheapest of the cheap, we’ve pretty much seen every issue that a machine can have over its lifetime.

While, generally speaking, higher-end washing machines are more durable and of a better build quality than their bargain basement counterparts, we find that the washing machine gremlins don’t discriminate when it comes to creating problems.

Every single washing machine, irrespective of make or model, runs into problems.

In fact, having a more expensive machine means that you may even have to pay more to get it repaired. After all, these machines tend to use cutting-edge technology and their parts are expensive – hence the initial high cost.

But irrespective of the differences between the build quality of machines, our team at Repair Aid has found that there are common faults across all brands, makes, models and prices.

We’ve created a list of the 12 most common washing machine issues that our team at Repair Aid are most likely to encounter, including information to help you troubleshoot, control, prevent or just understand these problems. Simply click on one of the issues below to read more:

Won’t Start – Perhaps the most frustrating issue is when the machine doesn’t start . It might just not power on, or it may have cut off during a wash. The latter may leave you unable to unlock the door and recover your clothes.

Won’t Drain – When you go to collect your washed clothes from the machine, you may be met with the sight of your clothes still fully floating in water, or still partially submerged. Perhaps even your floor has been completely flooded.

Leaking Water – A leak can damage the floor around your machine. It can be difficult to test where the leak is coming from, and this process can get quite messy. This one is best left to a professional who knows where to look for the problem.

Door Won’t Open – Your door just isn’t opening and instead of trying to pull it off, causing potential damage that could increase the repair bill, it may be best to just call the professionals. It could be jammed, a pressure switch problem or your machine may have overheated.

The above examples are just but a few of the most common washing machine problems that we see at Repair Aid, but there are many more issues that can arise.

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